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5 reasons to hire a business builder


You have tried everything and its not working for you!

Starting a business is not for the feint hearted, and you will hear me say this consistently. Do not despair, its all about taking that step and contacting someone to help you.
There are so many facets to a business with all its moving parts that it can be a nightmare to figure out whats not working for you! This is where it is important to get someone to sit beside you and work through the business you are creating! Take the stress out of it, and learning to have fun is one of the biggest lessons I teach my clients. Creating freedom and a better lifestyle is the reason you went into business, remember that!

Needing clarity on what moves to make.

Everyone needs a plan, info-graphics, memes and consultants are continually yelling that you need a plan, and for good reason. Without a plan you have no idea where you are going or why you are going! Breaking down your big picture into smaller chunks, then applying action steps to them is plan. Small calculated plans with real clarity compound over time results in you arriving at your destination. Receiving help to clarify and document all the information whirling around your head will give you peace of mind and a calmer heart rate.

Where is my knowledge lacking and stopping me moving forward?

Knowledge is power. This power will help see opportunities, or steer you through tougher times. Generally we are not taught how to be a business person. This is not taught in school, nor in society, so why are you beating yourself up over not knowing. Its ok not to know how to be in business, but I always look for those clients who are willing to do the work and LEARN! Learning can take so many forms. Reading others websites to buying do it yourself courses. These materials all have their place in the learning journey. If you are looking to save money in the long term, and build a long term business then hiring a business builder is the only way to go!

Everything in life is getting in the way

Time management is one of societies most documented issue! Working with a business builder means you are dedicating a set period of time to build and create your business. There are no distractions as you are working one on one with the person. This helps to funnel your time where it needs to go and keeps you on track. Working with my clients there is a sense of excitement about the next piece of the puzzle. Taking the stress out of time management and focusing on the excitement means you are far more productive. You have your dedicated time, which avoids floundering and not knowing what to do in the time that you do have!

The isolation of small business, accountability and procrastination?

Having a small business online can be incredibly isolating at times. Its just you getting all your ducks in row! This often leads to procrastination for many owners, with the lack of accountability also creeping in! Working with a business builder gives you the momentum to propel forward. There is the added bonus of keeping you accountable for your actions. Accountability kills procrastination faster than any other technique. I don’t know about you, but I hate letting people down and letting myself down! Business builders help to kick those lonely feelings, get your work done, and never feeling guilty again by taking some time out for yourself!
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