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Carol Lange



Hi lovely,

Like you I knew my life was meant for more! From a young age I have been surrounded by small business success, our family was always up to something business related!

My grandfather’s way of initiating me into the business world was to teach me to play Monopoly (it’s a memory I will always cherish).

Learning numbers from a young age saw me off to University to study Accounting and then a double degree of Management. Along the way I specialised in Small Business, Business Administration and Logistics & Supply Chain management. Trust me I was happy to be out of Uni!

I have been an employee for large accounting firms and international companies. I have run two highly successful businesses, becoming sought after in my industry internationally. Been a stay at home mum to our adorable daughter, who is now a sassy young lady! I have attempted it all!

I have spoken nationally on the topic of money management, and loved having the quiet coffee making radical changes for my clients. I am not a limelight chaser, just a quiet achiever looking to make a difference in the world.

I’m crazy flamboyant, throw massive parties that my friends never miss, unashamedly love expensive cars and holidays! I have two beautiful dogs, one of them is a sausage dog, and a labrador who I just adore. I cant live without tea, my family, and sleep (I’m terrible without sleep!)  I am just a normal girl in a world trying to make it all matter, so if you’re like me, and want to create a life you love you’re in the right place!

Plan for Success

Whats all the Hype About?

Marketing seems to be the only topic you hear about. Everyone wants the quick fix, but they forget to start at the start. Your presence online is everything today, with statistics like these its hard to argue against having a well functioning business strategy. 78% of small businesses today do not have a solid business plan, keeping them in the dark on what to do next.

Where do your marketing efforts need to go? When you have no idea who your ideal clients are, how much it costs you to be in business and how to push through the tough times that no one tells you about, how will you survive and thrive?

Lets catch up and see how to create a business that will be profitable and fun!


Business owners without a solid business plan


Small business owners marketing effectively online

What's Your Business Genius Archetype?

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