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What is the difference between a business builder and a business coach?

The words business coach have been around for decades. Executives and large corporations utilised the services of business coaches in the beginning.
Today there has been an explosion of the industry into the market. This has come with positive and negative effects and opinions. I wanted to make the distinction between a coach and a builder. These terms are often confused, and I would like to dispel the myths.


Coaches teach you new techniques and ways of thinking in your business through advice.
They can do this through exploratory questioning and exercises. Ultimately moving you from an undesired state of mind or thought ceiling to a new pattern of thinking.

Business builders

Business builders also give you advice and assist in breaking through old thought patterns. They also help you build parts of your business. This can happen with your involvement or without you. They are there to help put the technical aspects of small business together also.
There are no wrong ways to work with a coach or a builder. They work in two completely different ways. Getting clear on your objectives and goals is critical to success.
Clients who work with business builders have bought all the self paced courses. They have spent hours trying to work stuff out on their own and are having troubles.
This is completely normal. Please don’t beat yourself up at any point, there is nothing wrong with asking for help!
With the continued changing landscape that is small business, I hear daily how exhausting it can be to try and keep up with it all.
Knowing when to say the right things, and looking for the right opportunities can be hard when you don’t have a clear plan or the right mindset to look for it.

Which Way to go?

If you are great with technology and understand systems, then a business coach would be great to support you.
If you are struggling on all fronts to create a business that works for you, then a business builder is the way to go. Understanding a holistic view of your business is difficult. Learning how to setup a website, mailing lists and marketing plan is a process. That is where a business builder comes into their element.
Working with a business builder is a more intense experience. Your journey is through the whole life cycle, in a short time. Creating your business as you work through the weeks, is a satisfying experience.

Help is more valuable than you think!

Business builders will save you tens of thousands of dollars off your business setup. Not to mention the time saved, with a more focused approach.
This eliminates the need to buy course after course that you never get to. The value of having help speaks for itself no matter which angle you choose to take. Statistics prove satisfaction and profitability increase dramatically. Working with someone in your business is a game changer.
In business there are many blind spots. Having help points these all out. Putting plans into place to get through all these ups and downs ensures a smoother ride.

Looking to get help for your business?.

Having a business builder or coach in your corner ensures it becomes crystal clear to move forwards with complete confidence.
Remember, if you are serious about having a successful business and are looking for results within a short time frame hire someone!

You can get there, we all can, but how long are you willing to wait for success?

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