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Monday Morning Success

Monday mornings seem to roll around fast in my household! With the stress and the juggle that is mother hood, and business ownership here is what I do to cope.
But my tips are not just for Monday morning success, but every morning.

1. Planning

On a Sunday I always plan out my week. I takes approximately 40 mins for me now to make sure everything is ready to go. From meal planning, appointments, to do lists and spare time.
Planning is so underrated by so many, but the stress relief that it brings me is ten fold. I never went into business to become more stressed and work more hours than a conventional 9-5!

2. No Screen Time

I am astounded at the amount of clients that sleep with their mobile phones. Beside the obvious health concerns, the anxiety that comes with never switching the phone off. Just in case, in case of what, if the world ends then there is nothing any of us can do about it. For me, its about focusing on my morning tasks, no more running out the door screaming to get your shoes on!

3. Getting organised the night before

This is a game changer. Each night in our household we get completely sorted for the following morning. Bags packed, lunch discussed ready to be made in the morning, clothes organised. No more laundry at 7 am in the morning and trying to get it dry! We have so much time due to this that we have 20 minutes to spare in the morning. This is my buffer to ensure if anything goes wrong we have time.

4. Business Tasks

For me as a working mum, once school drop off is complete, I tackle the hard task first. I know its discussed a lot, but I find completing that massive or not so pleasant task sets up my day and even my week. I know that I can continue on with my day, avoiding any guilt as I have kicked some serious goals first up. So it does not matter if the day falls apart, and trust me they do, I know I have given it my all in the morning.
But where do you find the time Carol to do all this? Time is something that I have become very good at wrangling. Routines are nothing more than patterns that I have instilled into our household. Trust me, they were hard at first, but a solid month of persistent action has resulted in freedom. Kids will act up, clients will throw things out, everything you can imagine will try to derail you. Consistent action towards the plan will reward you. As in business the small steps you take each day will amount to a major change in no time.
Happy Monday routines everyone, please dont hesitate to contact me if you liked this and or have comments or feedback! Head on over to www.carollange.com.au