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Episode 002 What is a Content Plan and Why do I need one?


 What is a Content Plan?

A content plan is simply a plan of your business messaging and where that content will be published. Your business messaging includes blogs, social media posts, podcasts and videos.
I have found the two main reasons is to map out the journey that you are going to take your audience on to know, like and trust you. We want to move our audience through to the all-important moment where they are ready to push the buy button!
The other is to keep your sanity! No one wants to be rushing around at the last minute trying to find content to share. This is when the content just disappears into the black hole of social media because it has not purpose, and no one really understands what or why you are sharing!
Content plans are so much more than just being organised, they should form part of your business planning. This is fundamental to the success of your messaging to your target audience. This isn’t one of those sexy black magic type of topics that everyone is looking for, but this is so good guys, really truly this can make or break a business. Content plans help you see how to serve and connect with your audience ensuring pain points, fears, happiness and joy are all covered.

So Why dont you have one? 

So let me go and take a wild guess that you have been hiding away from even considering setting up a content plan, I know you are out there! You are thinking well I am putting stuff up on my social media channels and maybe a blog here and there. The problem with this is that its probably not really moving you towards people buying your products.
Social media is a black hole of time, I see so many people spending hours creating pretty graphics and finding quotes in the hope that this will attract their audience. I love Canva just as much as the next gorgeous human, but I want you to be creating content that is meaningful and impactful. The other consideration is that audiences today are so far past the point of finding that type of content relevant. When used in a structured and thoughtful plan memes and inspirational quotes work well. But audiences want to really connect with you, creating meaningful content on the fly is challenging for most people, so this is where the content plan comes into its own element

Its time to create a plan!

Creating a content plan for your business is definitely not scary, but I hear you yelling at me through this podcast “Carol I don’t have the time with the hundred things I already do!!!!” My friend, this will save you more time than you realise and give you more confidence and direction than you have ever felt. This is so empowering and thought provoking helping to really understand your audience in a way that will hit them in the centre of their beating heart.
Having a small business can be a little tricky at times, but having a content plan in place keeps you accountable and consistent in your messaging, your audience wants to see you showing up regularly and consistently. Our brains are hard wired to see patterns in information, it is an important part of how humans learn, make decisions and also we find meaning.
Creating a content plan lays out what information you need to create. Outlining your topics for the year, your keywords and any tools that you may require to convey your message to your audience. Its like a one stop shop! When it comes to the content itself, I really like to follow the formula of getting your audience to Know, Like and Trust you.

Steps to Create your plan.

Firstly, you can create posts, blogs or videos to help foster brand awareness or get to know you. Topics can include who you are, what you stand for, and also why you started in business. Your audience wants to connect with brands that get them, you need to show who you are to enable them to fall in love with you!
Secondly create content that demonstrates your authority in the space that you are deliciously occupying! Authority comes from consistently posting, and time! No one has ever gone from a nobody to authority over night! Authority content is also about educating and connecting with your audience to show them you understand them and the problem they are trying to solve.

Third in the list is creating connection. You have already opened the door to connection in the previous style of content, but here you can connect with your audience on a deeper level. Find out what food they love to eat, where they shop, what they do on the weekends, and how they are feeling right now. See how this type of connection is so different and more intimate than the previous styles.
And finally my favourite is this one, conversions or asking for the sale! We need to actually ask people to buy! I find it so comical that we are all so wrapped up in being scared or feeling slimy for selling that we completely miss the point! If you have been posting all the great content to build a brand, showcase who you are and why you do it, then people want to know how to buy from you. You are not in business for the sake of being in business people, you are here to make a living! By being thorough in your planning and posting great informative content, then selling becomes easier than you have ever imagined! Your audience is so ready to buy from you that when you do post about how to buy, your % of sales will be through the roof!

Creating this plan, this map takes the stress and worry out of wondering what to post and when to post it. This gives you the ability to plan for future content, and the ability to schedule posts and create the promotions needed for your strategic launches and events that you hold. This alone will give you so much more time to be connecting with your audience. I am so excited by this topic and I hope that this has given you an insight into how the non sexy planning areas of your business can bring you success faster! I am obsessed with planning and making life easier, systems are my go to tool in my business!

Download and additional help.

I have created an extra little video and a download for you! I am so convinced that this will change your life for the better. I would love to see your templates so I can offer feedback and help you to really understand this concept in the group. If you are not part of Plan to Profit community then please check out the link below and join our brand-new community!


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