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What is an Elevator Pitch?

Episode 003 What is an Elevator Pitch, and Why its Important?



Do you freeze when someone asks you what you do? Shift awkwardly on the spot and look everywhere but at the person talking to you? Then girl you need to get your elevator pitch sorted and now! It’s a 60 second description of who you are and importantly what you do!

Wasting time and not getting the leverage out of your interactions?

So why is not having a great opener or elevator pitch such a problem to you and your business?

In this busy blur we call life, we only have so much brain space and ability to absorb information. If you are looking for a product or a service, then you are more than likely to go with someone that can clearly articulate what it is they do and why they do it.

You don’t have time to be trawling through countless offerings and individual people trying to find a solution. You want quick wins and those only come from people who are laser focused on telling you how they can help you solve the problem that you currently have.

For you that means that you will be missing valuable sales and wondering why you are spinning your wheels when you attend networking functions and head away to conferences and gatherings.

Simple Solution

The solution is simple, its time to craft your elevator pitch! But let me start with a few little guidelines that will put the spotlight on you for all the right reasons!

A great written elevator pitch will lead you to stronger connections with others. People are craving the ability to relate and know what you are about, we have that community mentality. So when you are clear about what you have to say then others can immediately understand who you are and how they can help you, and even connect with you on a something that you may have in common.

A great pitch describes what you are looking for without being pushy! Sales have a terrible wrap, and many women struggle to talk about sales, but imagine if you could describe what you do and who you serve. The dreaded talk of sales is completely not necessary! Winning! Save yourself eating too many canapes and trying to figure out if the person you have spent the last 30min with can actually help you!

Speaking of networking and events, these are great locations to speak to loads of people. But have you noticed after the first couple of people you meet, everyone just seems to morph into a blur. Having that great pitch with make you memorable. So much so, that even during the event people will remember you and direct others to you. I have personally seen this happen, and it feels more like a warm introduction rather than meeting a stranger, individuals are far more receptive to hearing from you when they are recommended from others!

So let look at crafting your pitch now

Rule number 1 – keep it short, it was designed to pitch to someone you meet as you step into an elevator! This also helps to get your point across in our busy lifestyle

Rule number 2 – create credibility by speaking with confidence, no shaky chins or stuttered words here. When you speak with confidence, people tend to listen and assume you know what you are talking about.

I want to make a massive point here, and its around the waffle, defensive talk and over explaining! We are all guilty of this, I have done it so many times as I was perfecting my pitches, and the only way to overcome it is to really believe in the words that you are speaking. You do not need to over explain to people that may not understand what you do or to those people who are not interested. Its ok, and you need to understand that not everyone will be interested or understand what it is you do, smile thank them for their time and move right along. When you are speaking to the right person it will be so obvious and the conversation will flow

Rule number 3- Speak about your business in your voice, you are unique and its important to speak as you would normally. Avoid using fancy industry speech and acronyms, I completely switch off when people cant be relatable. The other point is don’t get into specifics at this stage, you want to try and get something in common with the person. Your pitch should leave them wanting to understand more about you, you only have 30 seconds which isn’t a great deal of time. But its great to have a lively conversation with both parties interacting!

Rule number 4 – Ask for what you are looking for, but in a way that isn’t pushy. Following on from not being specific, you can ask for a group of people ie, women or men, stage of life , types of celebration like “do you know someone that has become engaged recently”, or an employment status or type, “do you know anyone that is looking for work”

What does that look like practically?

So here is my own elevator pitch so you can understand how I have related all the points to my own:

Hi my name is Carol Lange, I am a business builder and mentor for small business. I work with women who are time poor and technically challenged to create a business that works for their individual needs. As an accountant I saw the challenges that women faced so I created a 12-week academy where together we take their concept and create a fully functioning business. Have you come across anyone recently interested in starting a business?

Lets pull this apart, firstly I talk about what I do “I am a business builder and mentor for small business” most people understand what a business builder and mentor is, for those that don’t they will either ask what it is or they are not interested!

I have described that I work with women, this is a large amount of people so you need to add some more information to help the person narrow the field and then added who are time poor and technically challenged adding more ways to narrow down the field. Its still a massive group of people and I can guarantee you all know someone in that category!

Next I demonstrate a very small part of my achievements by saying that I used to be an accountant without boasting about what I have done. Next I am outlining a challenge I noticed while in that position, this is outlining my why to the other person.

I included what I have created to help fill that void that I saw in the market, can you see how I am taking the person on a little journey and creating a full picture. This helps the other person follow the logical pattern, keeping it up beat and cheerful. Finally I ask if they know anyone! Its really simple! No slimy sales techniques, or asking for things that make people feel uncomfortable.

Download and additional help.

I have created a great FREE download for you! Gaining confidence to speak about your business brings so many benefits. Take this opportunity to craft your elevator pitch and make sure that you are practicing! I would love to see your pitch, where I can offer feedback and help you to really understand this concept in the group. If you are not part of Plan to Profit community then please check out the link below and join our brand-new community!


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From a young age I have been surrounded by business success. Having formally studied a Double Degree of Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Management, this led to many successful opportunities.

I have been an employee for large accounting firms and international companies. I have run two highly successful businesses, becoming sought after in my industry internationally.

I have spoken nationally on the topic of money management and loved having the quiet coffee making radical changes for my clients. I am not a limelight chaser, just a quiet achiever looking to make a difference in the world.

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