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Episode 009 – Why Goals Are Important

Goal Setting

Setting goals may seem really natural, we are taught from young age that we need to set goals to be successful, but how many of us actually set goals that are going to bring us success?

Goals can help motivate you, or goals can strangle you. I hear lots of people discussing the restrictive nature of goals and how so many don’t tend to follow through on them. Your goals should motivate you not feel like a burden. Setting conscious goals is one of the most efficient ways of increasing productivity and motivation, avoiding the dreaded procrastination.


Lets look at two different ways to set goals, the first one is using a technique called SMART goals. This is an acronym stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and time specific. This would have to be the most popular and easily identifiable when talking about goals. Lets look at them now and break it all down so you can understand how to implement them into your business. Specific, means a goal must focus on one area with very strict conditions, for example I want to increase my revenue this year, this does not focus in on the exact result you are looking for, but if you said I want to earn an extra 30k this year, that is far more specific and something you can tangibly work towards.

The next one is measurable, my favourite saying is if you cant measure it you cant manage it. You need to set goals that you can measure your performance against, following on from the previous example you cant measure I want to have more profit in my business, but you can certainly measure I would like an extra 30k in my business this year. Another example is I need to get help in my business, this is not measurable but saying that I want to hire a virtual assistant in three months to help with emails, and customer onboarding, this is measurable!

Attainable is the next one on the list, having a goal that you can reach is important. Yes you can absolutely stretch yourself and make a big goal, but you need to be able to achieve it. If the goal is not achievable it will only create procrastination and disappointment when you don’t reach it, knowing that you could never reach it!

Lets talk about your goal being relevant! This needs to align with your overall progress in your business. It needs to make sense with the wholistic plan.

T is all about helping you to achieve your goal in a timely manner. There is no point saying you want to increase revenue in the future, you need to say I want to work towards earning 3k every month, this gives you a time limit to achieve your goal.

So this is a quick wrap up of the SMART method to create goals in your business. Lets look at another way you can set goals in your business.

Goals with Soul

I subscribe to the theory that Danielle La Porte discusses in her best seller the Desire Map. Let me explain what I mean, Danielle believes that we have the process of achievement upside down. Typically we come up with our to-do lists, our bucket lists, and our strategic plans — all the stuff we want to have, get, accomplish, and experience outside of ourselves. All of those aspirations are being driven by an innate desire to feel a certain way.

So what if we get clear on how we actually want to feel within ourselves, and then we design our to-do lists, set our goals, and write out our bucket lists?

Writing goals with this technique is all about feeling. Feeling good along the way to your goals doesn’t mean you don’t work your butt off to get what you want. It means you work your butt off with a giant smile.

Its not about complaining about what it takes to make things happen. You do the good work. And sometimes that work is terrifying and trying. But you focus on how success will feel to get this task done, or sales page written. When you’re connected to your greater purpose of your goal and not just proving yourself — there’s pleasure in the process, you can pull off some amazing feats.

I really love this way of looking at goals because it flips the script on its head. Manifestation is often thought of as thinking of the end game, but its all about how you will feel when you do finally get to where you want to be, this method is no different, because when you get clear on how you want to feel, the pursuit of the goal itself will become more satisfying.

Choice is Yours

Now it is completely up to you which method you choose to use, I just wanted to compare two methods for you so that you can make a choice that it right for you. But why are goals important for small business owners, firstly they help with focus. On any given day you will be wearing a 100 hats and making decisions around marketing, customer service, product or service information having the ability to come back to your goals keeps you focused. This also helps to put your decision making on autopilot. Focus is important to ensure you are always working on income generating activities, there is nothing worse than looking busy and achieving not much!

Goals help to motivate you, there are days where we don’t want to get out of bed, or have massive mental blocks but having goals keeps us moving forward.


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