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Episode 014 – Why You Need to Market Constantly

Do we really need to market all the time? 

Marketers are quick to point out that you should be marketing constantly, but are you feeling like they are trying to sell you something that’s not true? Do you really need to market all year round? The short answer is yes, everyday there are new people in the market that have not been exposed to who you are and what you do!

But it is so much more than that! With the shift to a more online world, you don’t get the opportunity to interact with prospective customers like you would traditionally. This means that all the stages that you would normally go through to get your audience to buy from you are not there. Not only that but I see many business owners market their pants off when they are quiet because they are panicked with no sales, then neglect their marketing when business is booming! See how this vicious cycle will not stop unless you start doing something different!

Consistent, considered marketing is the key. Its not about posting to every social channel multiple times a day for 365 days a year but having a strategy that will connect daily with different audiences to ensure your message is getting out to the masses.

The 5 reasons I believe its important

I want to break down for you all 5 reasons to market all year, firstly socials change every single day, and as I said earlier new people are constantly joining. How are you going to continue to reach people if you are not showing up regularly? Another aspect to consider is the algorithym that only allows a very small percentage of your followers to see your content. It’s a crazy number like 3% or 6%, it makes you wonder if its all really worth it at times. But the success as I said is in consistent and carefully considered content. The more your audience is engaging with you on the posts that you are sharing the more useful the algorythim believes your content is, releasing it to more people. In effect its basically testing and measuring your content. If the content is not engaging then it wont send it out to anyone!

Authority & Credibility

Secondly, marketing all year round helps to promote your authority and credibility in the industry that you are in. Consistency helps your audience to connect with you on a more connected level, you are able to show your personality and give them the opportunity to know and like you! I discuss often the need in marketing to follow the Know, Like and Trust formula before anyone is going to buy from you. With the amount of noise and competition in the market today, your consistent useful voice becomes the lighthouse in the storm, pulling your market towards you, rather than having to push your marketing messaging onto your audience.

Serve & Nurture

Relationships need to be maintained and nurtured in business and life, and your marketing is no different. Just because you are a favourite for a customer today, does not mean that you are going to be forever. This is my third action step, and is often one that is overlooked. The time and energy involved in gaining new clients is exhausting, so why do we think it stops once we have them! It’s a proven fact that it is easier to keep an existing client happy rather than trying to find new ones! Also it’s a heck of a lot cheaper from a marketing dollar perspective to serve and nurture your clients than to constantly be looking for new ones. Building strong relationships will also work in your favour as those customers are going to tell their network all about you! Free marketing, who doesn’t want that????


My fourth factor is staying relevant and keeping your finger on the pulse. Think about the changes that have happened in society in the last 12 months, then the last 2 years and think about the last 5 years. Every year we as humans are changing, our needs and wants are changing too. By marketing constantly you are testing and measuring the strength of your messaging. If you are starting to see that engagement is dropping, you can very quickly take a peek and understand what is going on. If you are only marketing sporadically then it makes it more difficult to see the peaks and troughs that always happen. It can be very difficult to pinpoint where your marketing might not be working if there isn’t consistent data being put out to market. It can also cause much undue stress to you trying to figure out what to do next. For me I want to make continuous small improvements rather than having to figure out complicated and large changes.

Sales, Sales, Sales

The fifth and my favourite topic is sales. Everyday we are selling ideas, dinner to the kids and social activities to friends and family. We are built selling machines to get what we need or want in our lives. Marketing is the carrier of that solution, no one wants to be sold to constantly, so its important to draw your market to you rather than the opposite. You are in business to make money and create a solution to a problem that thousands of people are willing to pay for! Today more than ever people are willing to pay money in exchange for a problem being solved more than ever before. We are time and knowledge poor with a borderless world where we can pay to know anything and buy whatever we want at anytime of the day! Marketing helps to connect your product or service directly to people who are needing or wanting what it is that you sell. But you need to remember, just because someone who joins your socials today has not purchased, does not mean they wont purchase in the future. Being forefront of mind for when the need arises means you will be the one that they remember and purchase from.

I often laugh that the constants in life are death and taxes but there is a new one to add to it, change. Change is constant, and is only getting faster year after year. Including marketing into your daily activities is the new normal, Its like food for your business feeding it and regularly will keep it happy and healthy. You need to also remember that you are not the only one in your space. Other business owners come to the market with similar products or services, but they come with a different skill set and perception of the problem. This can cause upsets to your marketing because a competitor might identify a part of the market that had previously been untouched.

Plan your marketing

Marketing constantly is a definite requirement and my hope is that you now understand why! I want to add that taking the time to map out a marketing and content plan for the year is time well spent. By setting up the year or even 6 months it puts your marketing on auto pilot. Automating this process is also a great idea, scheduling posts on social media channels can be a sanity saver. If you know the bulk of your marketing is done and scheduled you can focus your attention to connecting and engaging with your audience on a daily basis. Focus on creating great stories if you are on Instagram or Facebook and stress less in general. This very much encompasses my mantra of your smallest actions will create your greatest reality!

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