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Episode 019 – My podcasting journey so far!


Starting this podcast has been a roller coaster of emotions and feelings. I wanted a way to connect with you all that aligned with me, I am not a writer, I am not that great at sharing all that I should on social media but I still wanted to connect.
I wanted to take the time today to review the podcast process thus far and give you my honest thoughts and feelings to date.

We are not perfect

We are all struggling with our daily lives, and we are all working towards creating great businesses. But every now and then a little bit of support and a good old truth session is needed. No one is perfect, and this veil that business owners seem to wear is choking us all. Perfect pictures, tonnes of social media posts, everyone just seems to have it all together so why don’t I? I hear it every day, with my clients asking me to help them be everything to everyone. I need to be honest, you can’t be, its completely unrealistic!

I have lost sight of my own advice lately as I have been in my masculine energy of action and hustle, beating away at the keyboard to bring you this very podcast. I am so in love with this podcast and I feel like I have really found my groove, but no one can prepare you for what it’s really like to put your soul out on the table! It’s almost like child birth, everyone talks about it and you know it’s going to be rough, but you’re never too sure how it will work for you!

Podcasting for me

I am sure that many advocate that podcasts are easy, and for some they may be, but for me it’s been a galactic battle of great proportion! Not because it’s difficult but because of the time intensive nature that a podcast is! It’s great to think well I will just talk into my computer recording it all and then pop it up for everyone to listen to! It’s not like that at all, its takes time to plan the episodes, I haven’t just pulled them out of thin air, they are all questions I get asked daily. Condensing down the information into an 8 to 10 min time slot so that I am sure I have covered off all the relevant points and give you real action steps to try out for yourself! You could really be listening to anyone, but you are choosing to listen to me, I take that very seriously, and your success is everything to me. From the planning and recording there is the editing that needs to happen, this is all so much time. Outsourcing this is worth considering, but for me being a perfectionist has been my demise. I don’t like outsourcing the editing because I do know how to do it, and it’s the one thing that connects me to you, it needs to be just right. Social media is another beast, getting all the social graphics sorted, scheduled and ready to go. There is the show notes page on the website that needs to be put together all the links need to be embedded, and then the creation of all the downloads that are attached to select podcasts.
Spreadsheeting all the tasks and having all the elements linked has been the best thing ever! I created a great tracker to make sure that everything is done and uploaded, it’s my planning coming into its own awesomeness. But again, it’s the time, on average I would say it takes 6 hours to create, record, edit, and get it out to the world, yes 6 hours!


I have had to pause recording the podcast because I was starting to feel burnt out, spinning my wheels to keep up with client work which is always my priority and then the podcast. My family has taken a back seat to my life right now, and that is not why I started my business or my podcast. Yes, I could have avoided this episode all together, not said anything, suffered in silence and pushed through. Integrity is everything for me, and being open and honest is the only way I know how, I would be lying to you all and it would have been fake to keep going and not let you all in.

We are so hard on ourselves!

Why are we all pushing so hard, what is really driving each and everyone of us to the brink of disaster. It’s through years of conditioning, expectation, and social pressure… Some of you will remember the reward chart as a kid, and how it made us feel when a gold star was placed next to our name? We have been conditioned from a young age to get those gold stars in everything we do, and when we don’t, we feel empty. Small business is isolating at the best of times, and when it comes to being motivated and receiving some praise its normally from our clients, or fans on social media. Motivation and recognition need to come from inside, you need to be your gold star giver and the receiver all at once. For those of us in the high achiever bracket, well we push ourselves to the point of nuclear melt down regularly. For me at times I care too much for others, upset that there are so many people being taken advantage of by charlatans and liars. I push myself to create work that will make a difference, everyone deserves the opportunity to learn and give their dreams a go! The most successful people on the planet all learnt from someone else, and I am a student as well as a teacher, always will be!

I am just like you…..

I personally didn’t want to portray one of those perfect businesses, where everything works. In a world where the Hollywood show reels are the only thing we see, its nice to know you are human, and everyone else around you is human. To quote a favourite person of mine Jenna Kutcher, I embody her saying of leading through imperfect action! I am human with a heart and a dream to serve and nurture my clients, do I fall down, hell yes! Do I have days where I cry, hell yes, and do I have days where I want to just curl up in a ball, definitely! I also have days where I want to sing from the rooftops and dance in the street. This rollercoaster we call entrepreneurship is not a straight an easy path, and it would be so nice to see others admitting that.

Time to Reset

Take the time today to connect with your why, look at what you are doing each and everyday, is it in alignment with your values, beliefs and truths. Are you spending enough time with your family and friends, is your business nourishing you? Balance is the key my darlings, you cannot be everything to everyone, but you can be everything to yourself! Share with me always how you are feeling, where you are suffering, we are all in this together, lets have these honest conversations more, admit when things fall apart, and hold the space for your fellow sisters. We are all in this together!

So today, tomorrow or next week when you feel like your world is crashing down, your overworked wondering if its all really worth it, remember that you are stronger than you could ever imagine. Knowing your why is also so important, its what brings me back to my focus point, helping women share their message to the world, in the hope that we can all make it a better place.

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Meet Your Host

Carol Lange 

From a young age I have been surrounded by business success. Having formally studied a Double Degree of Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Management, this led to many successful opportunities.

I have been an employee for large accounting firms and international companies. I have run two highly successful businesses, becoming sought after in my industry internationally.

I have spoken nationally on the topic of money management and loved having the quiet coffee making radical changes for my clients. I am not a limelight chaser, just a quiet achiever looking to make a difference in the world.

Thankyou for joining me on the podcast, my dream is to inspire you to take action that will create a difference in your life! Dream no more and live the life that you have always wanted.