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Episode 021 – 6 Figure guarantees are dead!


Earning 6 figures is the latest marketing catch cry, promising dreams and hope for the unsuspecting. Basically, if you are not earning 6 figures then simply bury your head in the sand because you are an amateur. This is the message that is being rammed down our throats daily, and it just stinks. It’s the shiny ball syndrome in my opinion and so many are following like mindless sheep! Today I am going to tell it like it is.

Is this your figure or what everyone has imposed on you? Well this seems to be the figure flooding social media and my news feeds, apparently this is where I need to be! NO NO NO

Making others Rich!

Do you understand what work you need to do to get that figure? How on earth are you supposed to fly when you can’t even crawl right now? No one has ever, and I mean ever, walked into their first business and earnt massive money. But your small business needs to be about you and not what everyone is telling you need to have. Selling courses about how to create a course is a circular argument to insanity, and you are all buying into it! You are doing nothing but making a very persuasive amateur lots of money, and how many are listening to this podcast right now going, Yes, I bought that course and it got me nowhere! It’s this hype and FOMO that is driving a completely unsustainable business model, destroying households. The number of women that cry on their zoom calls with me is staggering, but they promised I would make 6 figures she tells me, my heart breaks for her and the thousands of women just like her.

No magic pill

Let’s break this down and explain all the elements. Firstly, there is no magic pill or bullet, just hard work. But why does she make it look like its easy, because my dear she is not showing you the truth, when she is up at 2am in the morning feeding a baby in sweat pants praying her launch works to pay the bills. Makeup and photoshoots hide a lot and lies are breaking the small business industry. I don’t want to see your highlight reel; you are a fake if you don’t break! Why is so hard to understand that you need to do the work. Every day you need to be working towards your goals through a solid action plan, not buying more courses that promise to magically make you rich.

Does it mean profit?

Six figures do not mean profit, and I love money so what do you mean all those 6 figures are not profit???? It costs money to achieve high sales targets in today’s world, advertising, virtual assistants, and marketing gurus. I am astounded at the businesses I see that are making $200,000 but the costs are three quarters. Ultimately they can tell you forever and a day that they are technically at “6 Figure business” as I indicate inverted commas but they are not profitable.
Let me guess, the stress of having to manage VA’s, and marketing professionals for you to walk away with $30 or $40k is that really worth it for the year? You would make more money working for someone else, oh and let’s not forget about the taxation component too, so there is even less money.

If its your dream, then go for it

At no point am I saying that businesses that earn delicious amounts of money are unattainable. It requires research, design and bucket load of work. You can achieve whatever you set your mind to, but be aware of the snake oil sellers, that are selling you empty promises and dream killers. Take the time to really consider what you are doing right now, celebrate where you are, and consider what am I striving for, do I need to push myself to breaking point or do I have a figure that I want to achieve that is more attainable. Testing and measuring, argh you guys are going to be sick of hearing this, but it’s all relevant. Test where you are now, measure your success, what can I do to increase my sales, how can I streamline a process, what can I do to reach more people. All valid questions.

Video games and small business

Learning to walk before you run is setting you up mentally to take on the new challenges and new levels as they present themselves to you. Just like a video game, you need to get through each level before you can go through to the next one. The obstacles are there, and you learn how to dodge them so that in the future levels you know how to handle it, business is no different. You simply can’t go from knowing nothing to running a multimillion-dollar company, there are lessons, experiences and mindset shifts that need to happen.

Did someone say gold rush?

When did the switch get flicked on and the new gold rush start? Seriously suddenly people are ignoring perfectly solid life goals and throwing every penny they own at gurus in the hope of instant success and wealth.

It needs to fit with you

I am a free spirit and I want to express myself freely in my business. Many of these promises are based on the persons experience, how they made their money, and that is the process that they are selling. You are being forced into a one size fits all system that may not align with you. They are not exploring your strengths and weaknesses and building lifelong learnings that you can apply always. There are many ways that you can reach 6 figures, there isn’t a path build out of gold that you need to take. Your journey will be your journey, its not comparable to anyone else, what matters in the end is your alignment with the decisions you made and the success you create. Great leaders and educators are out there, but my measuring stick is always around what skills are they teaching me that I can use not just in this business but in everything I do. Not what bouncing ball I need to chase like a desperate dog!
It almost feels like a cheap shot, you are so desperate to feel the success that you see everywhere and so the marketing sucks you in. Its preying on the weak, a concept that makes me feel icky on the inside, I want to build you up, not exploit you for the pain you are feeling.

Impact for you

So my main question today for you is this, what will make the biggest impact for you? Is it financial or is it freedom, more travel, time with a spouse or partner?
Have you sat down and really considered what you need and how that will affect your life. Would you like to replace a salary? Are you looking for something more challenging in your life, where you are in control of your own destiny? Having ownership of your future is something special, exhilarating and incredibly rewarding. Many do not really want to earn millions, a quiet life with the ease of paying bills and living a good existence is enough for most. There is a lot to be said about personal fulfillment and how reaching it can be worth more than any money on earth.

Where to start

For me I started with the goal of replacing my income that I had working for an employer. Now the goal is to be 100% debt free. My goals have no financial limit as such, I am not seeking a 6 or 7 figure income, personally that’s just naf, but I have goals that I am working towards! For you in your situation, imagine being able to pay your mortgage and take your family on holidays every year. Your situation is different to everyone, my message is about deciding on what is right for you, not what the masses are trying to tell you to do! If you want to have a million-dollar business then great, work towards that.

Knowledge is power, and that knowledge will also steer you well when deciding where to place your hard-earned money for help. Avoid the get rich quick schemes and learn that the business basics are essential for true long-term success.

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From a young age I have been surrounded by business success. Having formally studied a Double Degree of Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Management, this led to many successful opportunities.

I have been an employee for large accounting firms and international companies. I have run two highly successful businesses, becoming sought after in my industry internationally.

I have spoken nationally on the topic of money management and loved having the quiet coffee making radical changes for my clients. I am not a limelight chaser, just a quiet achiever looking to make a difference in the world.

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