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Episode 026 – Why Saying No is Important.

Overwhelmed from saying yes to everything and everyone. Found yourself doing things that don’t align with your business objectives, and exhausted at the end of the day, then its time to learn word “No” It has so many different viewpoints and I want to have a look at just how good saying no actually is for your small business

Why we don’t like saying no

Saying no can be thought of as being very final, and in a people pleasing world that we live in, no one really wants to rock the boat. There are also many emotional reasons, with the feeling of conflict arising or ill feeling if we say no. We also don’t want to burn bridges, or not be given the opportunities in the future.

Why we should be saying no

Even when we are asked to do the smallest tasks to help someone else, often we don’t realise how many times we are doing it. All this equates to time away from doing what you need in your business or for yourself. Take the time to add up how many small tasks you are doing and no wonder you are feeling burnt out and spinning.
Focusing on our priorities is important for success, this does not mean you become a selfish person never helping others, but you need to start being a little more selective with where you are spending your time. Often, we are more than happy to help someone out because internally we are procrastinating from getting to that challenging phone call or making a big decision. By saying no, you are focusing all your energy where it needs to be, on the core priorities that are important to you.

Saying No graciously

When you start to understand where your time and energy needs to be channelled, saying no becomes easier and easier. You don’t need to make a big deal out of saying no to opportunities and options, keep this part simple. There needs to be no real emotion involved in the process, a simple thanks but I must complete this project right now, or whatever the task is that you are working on. You don’t need to explain yourself, offer to help the person in the future, and if possible, give them alternative options to help themselves. This way you have offered to help them in the future, given them options to find alternate help and smiled at the end of the conversation. No awkwardness or hard feelings stay focused and determined building your dreams and future. Giving a reason for saying no also stamps your authority, that you are not afraid to say no. It also prevents the other person from arguing with you or question your motivations for saying it.

How it will change your business

Saying no opens the doors to more opportunities than you could ever imagine. Doors that have the right information and opportunities behind them, you are so laser focused on what you want and need in your business, that by working towards it, more will become more readily available.

Setting boundaries is important with customers and clients, saying no is one such boundary. Clients and customers will always ask for extra or additional products, services, time or help. You need to be crystal clear here and avoid setting dangerous behaviour that will only see you bleeding money, time and heartache. Saying no to customers can be difficult, but there needs to a reason and you need to articulate or explain it very clearly for them. A great example could be a customer wanting you to take a look at their social media, but you know you have a call booked with them in a few days, simply let them know you are flat out right now with other client work and that you can review their problem during your allocated call. You are not being rude; you are again explaining that you have other client work and you will get to their problem during their call. If they don’t have any allocated time, then negotiate with them for an extended care plan. Initially when you are starting in business, you can miscalculate how long things may take. This is ok, but as you start to realise that things take longer than expected, start to change up the way you operate with your clients and customers. Ensuring that you are allocating enough time, and or discussing future care packages and hours of time that are available to help them.

Strategies to help you say no

Getting really clear about what you do in your business and where you want to take it personally and professionally is the key. Your focus needs to be very singular, to enable you to give everything you have to see through the project, client or goal. As I mentioned earlier, you cant chase two rabbits and catch anything, you need to start thinking about your goals and business in the same way. So this is my first strategy for you to think about adopting in your business. This is so much bigger than just saying no, being focused and selective means you will be reaching your targets and goals more thoroughly and in possibly shorter time frames! I say heck yes to that any day of the week, and I am sure you are the same!

My second strategy is around reframing the word NO from a negative thought into a positive thought. Realise that by you saying no is in fact protecting everything you love and everything you are trying to create. As business owners we are always in fear of missing out mode, but by saying no we are freeing up our time to say “Yes” to the right opportunities! You don’t want to be saying yes to clients that you know don’t fit and will just be trouble later down the track, nor do you want to be bending your own rules around time and support because clients will always expect that from you in future. No is not a dirty word, and it protects you in so many ways. Saying yes in my world these days means so much more and those around me understand that when I do say it, I am committed and it’s a big deal! There is more weight to it rather than being the yes person to everything!

My final strategy is around self-love and self-care. I have an upcoming podcast on this so you will start to see how all the podcasts relate to one another but saying no is practicing self-love and self-care to you! My audience is one and the same as their business, you are your business my lovely and when you cant think straight, burnt out on the couch as we all have, then you are no good to anyone! This is when saying yes has destroyed your ability to be of service to your clients, and I don’t want that for you! You cant be everything to everyone, remember that, and saying yes is falling into that behaviour. Its nice to be wanted and to be asked for extra help, but there needs to be time for you, your family and your business, in that order by the way! When you respect yourself and your needs then saying No becomes easier and effortless.

I want you all to think more strategically in your personal life and business from today onwards. Think about what you say yes to before you make a commitment, and if you don’t understand what the time commitment might be, then ask for more information. Its always better to ask genuinely for more information as you can offer another strategy, goal or person that can help them!

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