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Episode 039 – Permission to Pivot

So what does pivoting actually mean? It means to fundamentally change in life or business, think of it small but profound changes or a complete 180 degree change of direction.
Right now in the world I completely understand it’s a scary place to be navigating and attempting to understand. There are many different things happening lot’s of uncertainty, people don’t have confidence anymore and individuals who are wondering where their place in the world is. With current events that have happened it has taught us just how quickly life can actually change, and also how fragile everything really is.
I want to reassure you that everyone is scared we’re all in this together, I believe when you start to break it down and start to speak to other people you realise that we’re all in the same boat.

Reasons to Pivot

There are two reason right now to pivot, firstly to survive and keep the roof over the heads and food in the belly. Secondly there are those businesses who are thinking strategically about how they can serve their market differently moving forward as they know that the market place will be different when we come out the other end. There are also those employees that have lost their jobs, giving them the kick in the pants to finally start the dream business they have always wanted!

What assets do you already have?

When you are considering pivoting the first point that I want you to consider is where have you come from. Journaling or writing everything down is the best way to work through this. Grab a cuppa and start to write down all the jobs that you have had in the past, or businesses that you have owned or the business that you are currently in. What did you enjoy the most, what did you not enjoy, what skills did you learn and what are your strengths, what has been working in your business?

Your Strengths

This leads into my next point, what are your strengths, not just your skills, what do you believe you are good at? This can give you a great platform to assess how you can use those skills and strengths to look for new opportunities and how you can fill them. Often your mind will wander but remember we have all been given an amazing opportunity to completely reset our future and how we exist in it.
Start to look for the opportunities, where could your expertise be channelled to help a new market, or pivot what you do using the same materials or expertise but creating a new product or service. Pivoting does not need to be an earth shattering change, small tweaks may be all you need to continue to thrive.

Looking to start your first business?

If you are considering starting a business then right now is the best time. We are learning to navigate our new world with all the changes, and the changes don’t seem to be slowing anytime soon. With that in mind, we all need to pick up and create the best life we can. Take the changes on board and learn to flex and move with all. I am so thrilled to see many businesses creating opportunities in markets that they never thought. It’s like the phoenix rising from the ashes. Industries are booming like the floral industry, with everyone in lockdown, sending gifts to family and friends has been the best way to show you care.

If you have become unemployed then the skills you learn from work are not necessarily just for a particular industry, and it’s great to explore where else you can fit, I promise you will be surprised when you look.

Online Learning

If you are concerned that you do not have the knowledge to pivot, then my friend the internet is your best friend. With courses and online education becoming the forefront of learning, you can learn just about anything if you look for it.

Challenges of Pivoting

Pivoting can seem daunting; this is where writing down your thoughts and feelings is a great way to separate out what is real and what could be fiction or fears. Are your customers asking for something different from you? Have you lost a complete market, an example here is fresh produce wholesalers that sold to restaurants only, can now pivot and sell fresh produce boxes direct to the public? When you are pulling the issues down to their core and evaluating them without emotion you can start to uncover markets and customers that you can service.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Planning is your best friend, when considering pivoting understanding all the moving parts is essential. Will this pivot serve you long term, or is this a temporary shift to aid you during challenging times? Knowledge is power, and this will help you to make decisions during this time. All changes come with risks, uncovering them and understanding the implications they can have on you and your business gives you the opportunity to decide what risks you are prepared to take and what you are not.

No permission necessary

We have been given the biggest reset of our lifetime and there’s no better time than now to take advantage of change. Many are looking for permission to move and change, I am letting you know right now, there is no permission necessary! Create that plan I just discussed, understand all the pros and cons of what you want to do and give it a red-hot go! Action is guaranteed to move you forward no matter what situation you find yourself in. Today more than ever the words I live by ring true, your smallest actions will create your greatest reality. I hope todays episode has helped you in your decision-making process, and I look forward to hearing about your success! Until next time everyone.

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From a young age I have been surrounded by business success. Having formally studied a Double Degree of Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Management, this led to many successful opportunities.

I have been an employee for large accounting firms and international companies. I have run two highly successful businesses, becoming sought after in my industry internationally.

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