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Break Through in your business

Invest In Yourself

Join me for three full glorious days of knowledge and practical exercises to build your business.
We will be working on both your mindset and strategies, creating real impact in your business and life .
Experience the power of connecting with other successful like-minded women and discover new ways to build and lead a business you love.
Learn, and share new success tools and resources for every women in business.
There will be structured times for learning and lots of time for laughing and connecting with your new business besties!
With only 5 lucky participants, you will receive guidance on building your business to your needs.
My aim is to make you feel encouraged, inspired, and have an understanding of yourself and others.
Due to the intimate nature of the retreat, a discovery call is necessary to establish your current position and fit with the upcoming retreat participants.
Be the first to register before it opens to the public!
Just fill out the form below to join our member’s only mailing list! Registration begins Summer 2019!